Spring Semester and Coffee

Its been too long.
Last time I posted, I was at home with crippling headaches and bubbling frustration.
A wondrous start to the New Year.

Now though, classes have started and I’ve been spending more and more time avoiding my homework and studying by reading manga and watching Jimmy Fallon online. Of course, in between doing those things (and obviously getting some work done) I’ve been having a social life. Sorta.

Today however, were not here to discuss my social life but my love life instead.

Yes, another story about my failure of a love life. But isn’t it fun to hear about someone else’s life and compare yours to there’s and feel better about yourself?

Well, Wednesday night, a couple of friends and I from a club I’m in went out to Del Taco (because why not?), but Me and my friend Andy* decided to get Starbucks instead. It’s in the same shopping center, so it was easily accessible. We go in, and there’s a really cute guy at the counter.

Since then I have developed a silly school girl crush and have gotten Starbucks more than I do in one year (four to be exact). I’m not going again for a while I swear…or should I try to see what happens?

I don’t even know his name…because I’m a pussy.

Well, actually I don’t think I’m over-thinking this, but…isn’t it kinda weird. He’s working. I don’t want to be that girl.

Any opinions?


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